How Did Biggie Cheese Die? What Happened To This Black Rat?

Biggie Cheese

Biggie Cheese had many mortal bodies, some of which he has died in.

The most notable was Mortal body No. 371, where Biggie Cheese was placed in life support after which he died.

Who Killed Biggie Cheese?

On 18 January, 2017, Biggie Cheese was gunned down and killed by a stalker while driving on a West London street.

Who was Biggie Cheese?

Biggie Cheese was a fictional large black rat that regularly appeared to perform rap songs at The Barnyard.

His rapping career was launched in 2006, when the movie “Barnyard” was released. He sang his best song “Mr Bombastic.”

The Root and the Barnboys Band were very fond of him.

Who played Biggie Cheese in The Barnyard?

Kevin Michael Richardson who was born on 25 October, 1964 played Biggie Cheese, mainly due to his unique deep voice.

He married Monica in 2006 and is a step father to two of Monica’s children.

What is Michael Richardson’s networth?

Going by the 2022 networth’s listing, Kevin Richardson’s networth is placed at $40Million USD.

What was Biggie Cheese’s Hit song?

Mr Boombastic, a song by Shaggy was his biggest hit.

Why did Biggie Cheese set out to find Taliban?

Afghanistan’s pizzas were extra cheesy much to the delight of Biggie Cheese. He sets out in search of the Taliban so that he could get the extra cheesy free pizza.

Together with The Taliban, he killed many Afghans and ate the pizza, till there were none left.

What does the name Biggie Cheese mean?

When Cheese has extended past a certain weight threshold, the bakers call it “Biggie Cheese”.

It also denotes a big person who is addicted to the smell of Cheese.

How did Biggie Cheese save the world?

Biggie believed that a terrorist cell inhabited the twin towers from where they were planning to launch an attack.

He saved the world by suffocating them with his farts and drowning them in the toilets.

What made Biggie Cheese popular in Queensland?

His passion for cheesy pizza’s led Biggie to devise a way to get free pizzas from Pizza Hut. When The Hut’s branches experienced shortfalls, they eventually closed down.

Why was Biggie Cheese loved by fans?

It is said Biggie’s power had no limits and he used his power to bring out heart warming and soothing lyrics much to the delight of his fan base.

He touched many hearts with his songs that covered religion, racism and civilization.

What was Biggie Cheese’s personality?

Biggie was outgoing and aspiring. He was the life of the party, always charming and cheerful.

He fascinated the crowd with his rapping abilities and his locking of his tongue at the end of the Bombastic song, left the crowd cheering and thirsting for more.

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