How Did BostonBearJew Die? What Happened To This Online Gamer?


BostonBearJew passed away on 21 March, 2017. According to a post by the YouTube user ‘Noone Important’, BostonBearJew supposedly died from injuries resulting from a car crash.

What Happened to BostonBearJew?

BostonBearJew died on 21 March, 2017 at the age of 24 in California, United States of America. Ubisoft, the gaming company, paid tribute to BostonBearJew by showing his profile on maps within the game ‘Rainbow Six Siege’.

Who Was BostonBearJew?

BostonBearJew, whose real life name was Zach, was an online gamer best known for his participation in the online game Rainbow Six Siege where he would regularly join other players in teams of 5 vs. 5.

Upon his death, Ubisoft honored his memory by placing an ‘Easter Egg’ in the online game Rainbow Six Siege that showed his achievements within the game. Zack was described as a 4.0 student attending Boston University and avid player of the Rainbow Six Siege online game.

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Is BostonBearJew Alive?

BostonBearJew, also known as Zach to the outside world, died in 2017. BostonBearJew was the avatar of Zack in the game Rainbow Six Siege produced by Ubisoft Entertainment SA, based in Saint-Mande, Paris, France.

What Was BostonBearJew Known For?

BostonBearJew, the online game player was most known for his achievements in the game Rainbow Six Siege. The game’s publishers, Ubisoft, paid tribute to his memory by placing an ‘Easter Egg” of his game statistics within the maps of the game.

Ubisoft showed BostonBearJew’s attainments on the screen of one of the arcade machines with the message ‘keep playing forever’.

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Did BostonBearJew have A Family?

In a post by YouTube user “Noone Important”, the user mentions that Zach, BostonBearJew ‘s real name, would be dearly missed by his Mother.

What Is Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter video game marketed by the game maker Ubisoft. It was launched worldwide on 1 December, 2015 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Siege is a chapter in the Rainbow Six series of games and the successor to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots. The game enables players to play the roles of counter-terrorist operatives around the world. It is a popular game with over 70 million active players as of 2020.

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What Was Ubisoft’s Tribute to BostonBearJew  in the Rainbow Six Siege Game?

Rainbow Six Siege has a tight-knit and highly unusual community which is why so many were heartbroken by the unexpected death of the player named BostonBearJew on 21 March, 2017.

Craig Robinson and other Ubisoft developers unveiled a new update “Operation Blood Orchid” where one map in particular takes place in a forgotten theme park with an abandoned arcade towards its center.

This happens to be the same vacant arcade area where a heart-wrenching tribute to Zack ‘BostonBearJew’ where the phrase ‘Never stop playing’ can be found attributed to BostonBearJew’s game stats.

A fan of the game is quoted on Reddit as saying’ “for all the mistakes that Ubisoft has made in the past, it’s nice to know that they have people working there that truly care about players. For the team behind Siege to honor one of their fallen community members is something special.”

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