Has Prettyboyfredo Really Passed Away- Is He Still Alive or Dead? Age, Real Name, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, Net Worth Information

Prettyboyfredo's death hoax created a furor among his fans and followers

The news of the death of American internet star and gamecaster Prettyboyfredo has been doing rounds on the internet and fans are confused whether the news is true or false. Let’s examine the authenticity of the news and know more in detail about Prettyboyfredo.

Who is Prettyboyfredo? His Real Name and Age

Prettyboyfredo is a popular American social media star who has amassed millions of followers on various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch for his funny, prank, challenging videos that are full of excitement and adventure.

Prettyboyfredo is how the world knows him but his real name is Alfredo Villa. Born on August 20, 1993 in Palm Beach Florida, Alfredo is the son of Costa Rican father and American mother.

His father was an illegal immigrant from Costa Rica and his mother was a drug addict and they abandoned him when he was just three months old so he had a very bad childhood.

Prettyboyfredo is currently 30 years of age. He is a big fan of basketball and is famous for his NBA 2K videos. His unique style of presenting content has made him extremely popular among netizens and social media buffs.

Has Prettyboyfredo Really Passed Away- Is He Still Alive or Dead?

Prettyboyfredo with SSH (Source: YouTube)

The sudden news of the demise of Prettyboyfredo left his fans and followers to wonder whether this news is true or false. His family hasn’t verified it and no authentic publications and news sources have revealed anything about the news of death of Prettyboyfredo.

But we’re here to assure you that Prettyboyfredo is well alive and kicking. We can make this confirmation on a solid base because Prettyboyfredo has just lately posted a video on Twitch discussing about the boxing match between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia.

Then how his death news circulated on the internet? It was perhaps due to this YouTube video posted by PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS on December 31, 2022. The video is titled as “R.I.P PRETTYBOYFREDO” which led people to believe that he died.

But the truth of that video is it was part of a TikTok challenge between the two and Pontiac made it clear in the pinned comment section of that video. But these days, who reads comments? Netizens just got too excited and began spreading the fake news about Prettyboyfredo’s death and it circulated like a wildfire.

The reality is Prettyboyfredo is completely fine and alive. He just became the latest celebrity to fall prey to death hoax. He is continuously creating wonderful content for all of us to consume and his fans and followers have grown by leaps and bounds.

Prettyboyfredo YouTube and Instagram Account Details

Prettyboyfredo has an earth shattering following on his YouTube account. His YouTube is followed by more than 7.35M subscribers. He has posted a total of 473 videos till date which has amassed more than a billion views.

He joined YouTube on Jun 17, 2009. One of his most watched video is captioned “MARRIAGE PROPOSAL GONE WRONG!! SHE SAID NO!!!” which has amassed more than 54 million views till date. It was a prank video where he proposed live to his girlfriend in front of a huge audience.

Prettyboyfredo’s Instagram account has a 2 million followers count. On Instagram, he usually posts short clip videos with his daughter Ava.

Here’s one post where he’s wishing happy birthday to his daughter Ava.

Prettyboyfredo is also Highly Popular on Twitch

Apart from YouTube and Instagram, Prettyboyfredo has popularized himself very well on Twitch. In fact, of lately he has started to post more videos on Twitch than on YouTube.

On Twitch, he can be seen more often with his girlfriend Jasmine making date night videos where they cook different types of food with fun and humor.

He also has his presence on Twitter where he is followed by more than 4,00,000 people.  

Fredo’s Problem with Police

(Source: HITC)

Although Fredo is counted among one of the most successful YouTubers, he has a very bad reputation with the law enforcement agency.

Right from his childhood when he was sophomore at the University of Central Florida, he got arrested on the charge of stealing video games from an electronic store along with his friend.

That reputation never got repaired and in January 2019, he was again arrested by the police on the charge of breaking down into an Orlando theme park for shooting a YouTube video. Orlando later confirmed the arrest by sharing a video from the police station with the caption “starting 2019 in handcuffs.”

As soon as the news of his arrest broke on the internet, his fans and followers started to circulate the hashtag #FreeFredo on Twitter and demanded for his release.

Prettyboyfredo Net Worth

Prettyboyfredo has amassed a fortune through his massive popularity on social media. According to various sources, his net worth is estimated to be in the range of $3-$5 million. He made much of this money through his videos which have garnered millions of views.

In one of his YouTube videos, he gave us a tour of his new NYC Penthouse worth a whopping $6 million dollars so that shows how much money he has made online.

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