How Did E-Dubble Die? What Really Happened To This Philadelphian Rapper?


E-Dubble died on 13 February 2017. He died from a blood infection that started in his hands and spread throughout his body.

His hands swelled up and he threw up blood, causing him to undergo ten blood transfusions. Sepsis was reported as the cause of death but no coroner’s report reaffirmed it. He was 34 at the time of his death.

Who was E-Dubble?

E-Dubble was born on 1 November 1982 in Philadelphia. He was an American songwriter, singer and rapper. He was part of the Philadelphia underground rapper community and began his music career in 1988.

His most popular song “Be a King” had 23M YouTube views and he was the founder of Black Paisley Records.

E-Dubble was best known for his Free Style series where he released a new song each Friday throughout the whole of 2010, with the final in 2012.

Did Freestyle Friday take a toll on E-Dubble?

As per E-Dubble’s interview with Baltimore Magazine, E-Dubble confessed that in order to come up with a song every Friday, he had to work furiously for half the week and “celebrate” the other half.

As with any other addiction, he hit rock bottom and had to seek a therapist’s intervention.

Did E-Dubble have a pet?

Lewis was the golden retriever that E-Dubble had rescued. Wallace loved his dog and once said jokingly, “I think she knows I saved her.”

Who were E-Dubble’s role models?

E-Dubble looked up to Eminem and listened to many of his songs. Not many white hip hop artists existed when he delved into the world of hip hop. Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre and Notorious BIG also had a lot of influence on E-Dubble.

Did E-Dubble suffer from depression?

His interview with Baltimore Magazine revealed that E-Dubble ended up being consumed by alcohol and drugs especially after the long hours put into producing a song every Friday for two years.

As a result he went into depression and when the prescribed antidepressants failed to work, his partner Baker called his parents who took him in and nursed him back to health.

What was E-Dubble’s real name?

His real name was Evan Sewell Wallace.

E-Dubble was raised with two sisters named Suzanne and Jenn.

What was E-Dubble’s educational background?

He attended Wissahickon High School and later joined St Mary’s College of Maryland from where he graduated with a degree in Political Science.

What was E-Dubble’s networth?

His estimated networth was 1.5M USD.

Who were E-Dubble’s parents?

Little is known of E-Dubble’s parents as he does no mention of them on any of his social media accounts.

Even so, it is known that he was the last born son of a principal and a school teacher.

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