How Did John Wick’s Wife Die? What Really Happened to Her?

Helen Wick, John Wick’s wife, dies early in John Wick’s movie. She suffers from a terminal illness, and we, the audience, are not told precisely what the sickness is.

She fought it for some years before the illness finally killed her. She collapses and dies in hospital. John and Helen were married for five years with no child before her demise, which sends John into a deep depression. He loved her very much.

The Movie “John Wick”

Released on October 24th 2014, the movie John Wick, currently, a three-part sequel, is a brutal tale about redemption and revenge. John Wick is a hitman who comes out of retirement after his wife Helen Wick and his pup Daisy die.

Was Helen Wick the Reason John Left the Assassination World?

John Wick worked for a criminal gang, the Tarasov Mob, as a legendary assassin until his marriage to Helen. To John, humans were dispensable and always seemed threatening until he laid his eyes on Helen.

She was a famous photographer whom John Wick bumped into a restaurant. That was the beginning of their short leaved love story.

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John’s main reason for retirement was to spend more time with Helen. However, Viggo Tarasov, his mob boss, gives him one last job before granting him his retirement wish.

The task seems impossible as it involves killing Viggo Tarasov enemies in one night. Nevertheless, John succeeds. Viggo had to give him his request after completing the mission. Shortly after, he marries Helen.

What Is the Story Behind John Wick’s Dog, Daisy?

Helen bought John a vintage car soon after they got married. Daisy was a present to John from her shortly after she passed. He found a letter from Helen explaining how unhappy she was that she could not be there for him anymore.

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She felt that John needed someone or something to love, not just the car, so she left him the dog. She continues to explain how the illness had made their last days together sad, and just like her, he too should find peace.

How Did Daisy Die?

John got quite attached to daisy as the dog was one of the few things remaining that reminded him of his wife, Helen. Sadly, the dog was killed by Viggo’s son, Losef Tarasov, after invading John’s home with a few more mob members.

Losef Tarasov wanted to steal John’s vintage car, which he had liked, but John had refused to sell it to him earlier.

They had a run-in at the gas station where Losef Tarasov wanted the car, but it being a gift from his deceased wife, John could not give it up for anything. So he decides to steal it from his home. John, however, is successful in killing the gang members and gets his car back.

Was Helen’s Death the Reason John Went Back to Being an Assassin?

Though he only went back after Daisy died, Helen Wick was a catalyst for his return to the assassin world. Losing Helen was painful for John, and so was daisy’s murder.

He was already depressed, and daisy and the vintage car were the last memories he held of his wife. He went back only after five years of peaceful leaving.

After his home invasion, John calls his former mob boss Viggo Tarasov. He tells him to bring his on to him or kill him alongside his son.

He makes it clear that after Helen’s death, he lost everything. The dog was all he had, a final gift from his wife. It has brought back some hope in his life. He told Viggo that he had had a chance of not grieving alone, and his son had taken that away from him.

John told Viggo that he had been unsure how to answer when people asked if he was back in the assassination world, but now, he was sure he was back.

Why Does John Wick Cut Off His Ring Finger?

John makes a lot of effort to remember his wife but has to prove he is loyal to serving the High Table. To show this, he is forced to cut off his ring finger, giving away his ring.

This metaphorically means he has cut off the last connection to his wife, Helen Wick, and all he is focused on now is the High table. However, His service never lasted long.

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