How Did Scott From Love After Lockup Die?

Scott Davey

Scott’s obituary on says that, “Scott Michael Davey of Oxnard, passed away on 12 November, 2021.” He was 54. The cause of death was not revealed.

Was Scott from Love After Lockup Death A hoax? headlines read, “Love After Lockup Scott Davey died on 12 November at the age of 54.” They went on to report, “We have some incredibly sad news for fans of Love after Lockup and Life After Lockup fans. Lizzie Komme’s ex Scott Davey has passed away.” So it wasn’t a hoax.

Is Scott From Love After Lockup dead?

Yes, Scott has died. The creators of Love After Lockup included a title card in a special New Years’ episode of the show to honor his memory. The title card read, “Shortly after the filming of this special, Scott Davey passed away.”

Is Love After Lockup Staged?

The Founders of “The Love After Lockup” Series, during an interview with Variety pointed out that, “These are real people. With real relationships.”

An unanswered question was about whether the cast members that have popularized the franchise are real people?

What Was Love After Lockup about?

After felons are released from prison, Love After Lockup is a television series following up their personal lives, primarily focusing on their relationship with their significant others. Do the bonds grow stronger or are there break ups? Will their love survive after the lockup?

The series premiered in 2018 in USA on Netflix and has four complete seasons comprising 136 episodes.

Was Scott from Love After Lockup Rich? puts Scott Davey’s wealth at approximately $14 Million, USD as of 2022.

Did Scott From Live After Lockup Have A Family?

Scott Davey was survived by his wife April M Davey, his children, son Adam Davey and daughter, Alyssa Cruz. His parents were listed as John and Mary Davey.

Why Was Scott From Love After Lockup Famous?

Scott’s relationship with Lizzie Kommes, a single mum, made Scott an instant sensation on Love after Lockup. 

Lizzy, a former stripper, joined “Love after Lockup” after she had served an eight year jail term for several DUI charges and bribery.

Their up and down relationship, coupled up with the challenges they faced, kept the audiences glued to the screen, wondering whether their love would eventually prevail.

What was Scott Davey’s Educational background?

Scott Davey attended Oxnard High school and graduated in 1985 after which he became a commercial truck driver for 27 years.

He also assisted interested parties to earn their commercial licences.

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