Beau Burns Cause of Death Revealed: What Happened to Beau Burns?

Beau Burns, a young 13 month old toddler died tragically last year in a drowning accident

The case of death of a toddler Beau Burns from Texas literally stormed the internet. Everybody wanted to know how this little baby lost his life.

Who Was Beau Burns?

Beau Brosius Burns was a toddler from Texas whose name flooded the internet in June, 2022 when the tragic news of his death surfaced online. Everybody was shocked when they learnt that the small baby had died.

Beau Burns was the son of Rob Burns and Jenny (Beaudine) Burns. He was born on April 27, 2021 in McKinney, Texas. Along with Beau, they also have a 8 year old daughter, Emma.

Beau was a very lovely, caring and joyful baby who lived life to its fullest, even though his life was cut really short.

How Did Beau Burns Die?

Beau Burns died tragically after getting involved in a drowning incident. He fell into the family swimming pool on Wednesday June 15.

The 13 month old toddler was rescued by his father and given primary CPR treatment until the paramedics arrived at the scene and took him to Medical Center of McKinney.

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Once his condition became more stable, he was airlifted to Children’s Medical Center Dallas. But sadly Beau Burns passed away on June 22, 2022, 7 days after being hospitalized. It was a very difficult 7 days for the family who was wishing for a miracle.

Beau’s parents shared about the tragic drowning incident through a Facebook post “Around 6:30 p.m. our son Beau, fell into our pool.”

How Old Was Beau Burns When He Died?

Beau Burns had barely seen this world enough when he left it.

He was just 13 months old and celebrated his first birthday a month before when the tragic event happened.

What is the relationship between Aly McDaniel and Beau Burns?

Aly McDaniel
(Source: TDAlife)

Aly McDaniel is a famous social media influencer who has a big following on Instagram and TikTok. Aly is Beau’s aunt. She is the younger sister of Beau Burns’s mother Jenny (Beaudine) Burns. She can be found online by her ID thedowntownaly.

It was Aly who informed everyone about a tragic accident that had occurred in the family and asked for everyone to pray to God through an Instagram post.

In a second Instagram post, Aly revealed what really happened. She thanked everyone for their wishes and prayers and requested to continue to pray for her nephew Beau.

Beau Burns Donated His Organs and Left an Everlasting Legacy

Beau Burns left an everlasting legacy by donating his organs post his demise. He donated his kidneys, liver and heart. Beau made a huge impact by saving four lives through his organ donation.

Beau’s parents posted a heartfelt note on Aly McDaniel’s Instagram account notifying everyone about the gesture.

“Beau, you did a good job. We are so proud of our son today! The amazing OR doctors and nurses at Children’s Dallas and the amazing staff at Southwest Transplant Alliance informed us today at 3:30pm that Beau will be providing the gift of life to 2 babies and an adult!

He is donating his kidneys, his liver and lastly his heart. Knowing that families are receiving that miracle phone call today, is giving us so much peace. Our baby is a hero. We love you bubba. Good job!”

A Fundraiser was set up to help Beau’s Family

Beau’s parents set up a fundraiser to generate some funds that could help them pay the medical bills generated over the period when Beau was hospitalized.

Beau’s parents are a modest couple with limited income so the sudden flow of bills and expenses hit them real hard and hence the fundraiser could help them restart their life after such a devastating event.

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