How Did Collin Kartchner Die? What Happened to this Child Advocate?

Collin Kartchner

On 20 October, 2020, Collin’s childhood sweetheart and wife Elizabeth, confirmed and posted her husband’s death on Instagram. She cited “death from natural causes” as the cause of death but gave no further details. He was 40 years old at the time of death.

Who was Collin Kartchner?

Collins was born on 29 July 1980 in Arizona. He was a videographer/cinematographer turned activist who implored parents to steer their children away from social media. He converted his Instagram account to campaign for this message.

He also founded an advocacy group named Save The Kids in Utah. Until his untimely death, Collin travelled the country giving presentations on the dangers of social media and smart phones.

His works saved many youths lives as well as their families.

What did twitter fans do to commemorate Collin Kartchner?

Collins twitter fans started a hash tag #8secondhug. “Today’s Dude be nice Challenge” was the theme, aimed at creating an 8 minute conversation focusing on love.

What is Collin Kartchner’s networth?

Online estimates of Collin’s networth vary. His spending information is also limited hence very hard to deduce his networth.

What was the force behind Collin’s Advocacy Group?

On January 2018, he learnt that a girl named Whitney had died of a drug overdose. The girl’s mother pointed out that the bullying she faced on social media about her appearance led to her depression and drug use. He posted the story on Instagram and it went viral. It opened a discussion.

This led to him passing his message using Billboards erected along Salt Lake and Utah Counties with messages like “You are beautiful”, “You are unique”, and “You are loved.” All were signed off “In love of Whitney”. These well to do messages helped build the confidence of anyone who felt they looked different.

What was Collin Kartchner’s school life like?

According to Utah Valley Magazine, Collin attended Brigham Young University where he was a physiology major.

Did Collin have a family?

Collin is survived by his wife Elizabeth and four children, Aberystwyth, Quincy, Lola and Myles. His parents are Kelly Dean and Kate Long Rey-Gilbert.

What was Kartchner’s Ultimate message?

“Give a voice to those who don’t have one.” This was Collin’s mantra. He believed that talking and sharing your problems with people solved issues better and resulted in healthier confident youths.

He helped kids rise above social media comparison, cyber bullying and the stress of being perfect.

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