How Did O’Landa Draper Die? What Happened to this Artist?

O'landa Draper

News of the death of O’landa, an American Grammy Award-winning gospel artist took the world by surprise. He died at a Nashville hospital of kidney failure at the age of 34.

His manager Ron Stewart confirmed that O’landa had no history of kidney problems. He also pointed out that he had been feeling tired around ten days preceding his untimely death but attributed it to overwork.

Who was O’landa Draper?

O’Landa Draper was the founder of The Associates Choir. He was a five-time Grammy Awards nominee and was credited as being one of the top gospel artists of his time.

When did O’Landa Draper get his breakthrough?

As the group’s reputation spread, their opportunities also increased. Their biggest moment in the limelight presented itself in 1994 when his choir was included on Billy Joel’s hit single and music video “River of Dreams”, the superstar’s greatest song. He gained more exposure when he performed the song with Billy Joel at the 1994 Grammy Awards.

Did O’Landa have siblings?

O’landa is survived by his sister Teresa A Draper and his fiancé Patrina Smith. He died two months prior to their wedding.

What will O’landa Draper be most famously remembered for?

O’landa had an electrifying and charismatic style when it came to directing The Associates Choir. He was an unstoppable force whose career was cut prematurely.

Was O’landa Draper Famous?

Olanda’s choir once performed for Presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W Bush and Bill Clinton. He also got a  collaboration with Billy Joel, a move that instantly propelled him into the limelight.

Was O’landa educated?

O’lando was born in 1963 and grew up in Alabama and Washington D.C. He graduated from Overton High School and proceeded to Memphis State University.

Did O’landa’s mother play any role in his gospel music career?

His mother Marie Draper had a strong influence in Olanda’s music career as she worked both as a recording artist and a music promoter.

What made O’landa’s Choir famous?

O’landa’s choir was known as “The Choir in motion, both in emotion and choreography”. His demonstrative style brought out the best from his choir members and made the deliverance of the songs almost magical.

“His Choir was highly choreographed”, said Teresa of Harris, publisher of Gospel Today Magazine.

What type of gospel songs did O’landa Draper sing?

O’landa was a natural at what he did. He was all three in one: A director, an arranger and a producer. He was a master blender of the past and present of gospel music and ended up creating something contemporary yet still rooted in tradition as is evidenced in his hit, “ Give It Up”.  

It was this unique mastery of music that made him one of the best and unrivalled music producer and performer.

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