How Did Worm Die? What Happened to this Rapper?

Worm (also known as James or ‘Jimmy’ Womack) sadly died in April 2021. The cause of his death has not been confirmed – though some opinion pieces have posited that perhaps the rapper died from Covid-19. These are just theories however, and it is difficult to find reliable information about his passing.

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Who Was Worm?

Worm was a rapper from Nashville, which is the capital of Tennessee, an American state. 

Though solid sources on Worm’s life are difficult to find, he states in interviews that he sadly had a difficult life. The rapper talks about being homeless, and of being sent to prison five times over seventeen years for various offenses. 

Worm was honest about his life and his struggles, and felt that this genuinity shone through in his music, saying in an interview: “What I have is a real story 2 tell not some bullshit i seen on TV or heard n somebody song.”.

Despite his renown as a rapper, Worm admitted that he had never purposefully planned to become one. Friend and fellow music artist Jellyroll was serving prison time at the same time as Worm, and the two began to work on a mix-tape series together. This proved to be a musical milestone for them both.

What Kind Of Music Was Worm?

Worm was a hip-hop rapper and artist. Hip-hop was developed in America in the 1970s. It highlighted the difficulties that inner-city African American, Puerto Rican and Jamaicans faced in America.

It became a significant cultural movement, with many facets such as music, fashion, dance, poetry, art and social philosophy.

What Music Has Worm Released?

Worm released three main albums throughout his music career. 

The first of these is ‘Mr. South 2 Death’, released in 2009.

Its tracks are: Mr. South 2 Death Intro, Get Back, I’m Robbin’, Chad Armes Drop, Cold Cash, Dear World, Goin’ Back To Jail, J.Dylan Drop, The Boy Fed, Follow The Drip (Haters Rmx), One Of These Days, Jellyroll Drop, Man In The Mirror, Sideshow Bob, Go Back, Big Baby Drop, These Streets, The Mirror’s Broke, Danielle Drop, Her Song, Baylegh Outro, Watermelon Paint, and My Life.

Worm’s second album is named ‘Still Out South’, released in 2011.

Its tracks are: Intro, Still Out South, 9 Piece ft. Haystak, 100 Deep, Live From the Penitentiary, Empty Dreams, Public Defender, Monkey Chunks, Big Sal, 85 Cutlass ft. Tinn Man, I Got Money ft. Cub Da Cookup Boss, You Know I’m Right, My Life, Show My Ass ft. Jellyroll, Thank You ft. David Ray, and Outro.

Worm’s third and final album, called ‘Southbound & Down’, was released in 2015

Its tracks are: Wizzle F’n Fizzle, Southbound & Down, This Is Cashville ft. Cheezy, LexTopdollar.Com, The Plug (Remix), Bruce Wayne ft. Jellyroll, You Want The Money or Not, Heard About Me, Certified ft. Tk, Spit Bucket & Mud Flap, Car Right ft. Highrolla, Smoke ft. Highrolla, The End, Seen It All ft. Cashville Dice, and Stunt ft. O.n.E.

Who Were Worm’s Musical Influences?

In interviews, Worm stated his musical influences to be 2 Pac, Too Short, Easy E, Young Buck, NWA, Top Authority, 2 live crew, Dayton Family, and others.

Similar to his own approach to his music, Worm felt these artists in particular were genuine and created music based upon their own real-life struggles.

What Makes Worm Stand Out Amongst Other Hip Hop Artists?

Fans of Worm admire the honesty in his lyrics and music. Worm himself said in an interview: “A lot of these rap dudes wanna b so tough and talk like they got pies and been everywhere when n reality they wont strike a match n a blackout, don’t got shit and never n life been in the pen. I am a real dude who really been what they rapping bout so that alone make us totally separate.”

What Did Worm Think Of Popular Music Trends?

When it came to popular and modern music trends, Worm wasn’t the biggest fan. He explained that he felt that modern hip-hop in particular wasn’t getting to the truth anymore – that “Labels want ppl 2 rap for the kids n the skating rings” (quote Worm).

He believed that many artists, upon breaking into the music scene, were ‘selling out’ and giving up their ideals for fame and money.

How Exactly Did Worm Die?

Unfortunately, the general public has not been made privy to the details of Worm’s death. Though it has been confirmed that he did in fact pass away in April of last year (2021), the reason as to why it happened is unconfirmed by family and friends.

Fans continue to speculate though, and perhaps in the future the news will be revealed.

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