How Did Woodie Die?

Ryan Mitchell Wood (or “Woodie”), was an American rapper and record producer. He sadly died on March 7, 2007. It’s difficult to find official information on his passing, but it is assumed that he tragically died by self-inflicted gunshot. Who Was Woodie? Woodie was born on November 20 1975, and is a truly inspiring character. …

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How Did Gabe The Dog Die?

Gabe the Dog was a (very adorable) dog known on YouTube and the Internet for his “borks”. These “borks” were the subject matter of many videos, remixes and memes. On January 20 2017, Gabe the Dog peacefully died of heart problems, surrounded by his loving family. Um… What On Earth Are Borks? A “bork” is …

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How Did Carl Judie Die?

Carl Judie was an American film and TV actor, known for his work in ‘A True Menstrual Show’ and ‘Dharr Mann’. Carl passed away in February 2021 in Texas, after struggling with complications from the Covid-19 virus. Who Was Carl Judie? Carl Judie was born on 11 July 1958 in Texas. His mother and father …

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How Did Admiral Byrd Die?

Rear Admiral Evelyn Byrd Jr. was a naval officer from America, who made his name through exploration – particularly around the Antarctic region. He led a life of voyages and dangerous adventures, but his death was altogether a much more peaceful affair: Admiral Byrd died in his own home in Boston, on March 11 1957.  …

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How Did Static Major Die?

Static Major (born ‘Stephen Ellis Garrett on November 11, 1974) was an American musician and record producer. Hailing from Louisville in Kentucky, Static Major won Grammy Awards for his work, and was also a key member of the R&B group ‘Playa’. Very sadly, on February 25 2008 at the age of 33, Static Major died …

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Pastor Angie Ray

How Did Pastor Angie Ray Die?

The cause of her death was never revealed by her family and relatives, but it is believed that she died of health problems due to her age. Who was Pastor Angie Ray? Angie Ray was the daughter of James and Grace Gibson. She graduated from Religious Arts in Christian Education in 1998, where she received …

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