How Did James Heltibridle Die?

James Heltibridle

Michael Jaegers Officially Undead Fan Site, on November 10 2016, shocked fans and friends alike, when they reported the death of James Heltibridle. What happened to James Heltibridle? The suddenness of James Heltibridle’s passing on took everyone by surprise. On his way home from his normal work on The Walking Dead sets, he was involved …

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How Did Juan Die in Moonlight?

Juan from Moonlight

Juan’s death scene is not clearly depicted in the movie Moonlight. It is only explained through conversations that he has died. The audience is left to assume that Juan’s life was cut short by his drug dealing activities. Though portrayed as dead in the movie, his immense influence lived on through Chiron, the main Protagonist …

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How Did Aragorn Die?


Aragorn’s death was meant to confirm that he was immortal and would die at the moment of his own choosing. As a descendant of the Numenoreans, Aragorn was given the power to choose how and when to die. At the age of 210 years, he felt his time had come and that his son Eldarion …

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How Did Brandon Mateo Die?

Brandon Mateo

No words could describe the disturbing death of Brandon Mateo at the tender age of 14. It is no parent’s wish to bury their children. Yet on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, Brandon Mateo took his own life. What circumstances surrounded Brandon Mateo’s death? The exact cause of death has never been made public. The investigations …

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How Did Bud’s Mother Die?

Bud's Mom

Bud’s mom Angela Calloway, dies after a short illness bravely born at the age of twenty six. At the time of Angela’s death, Bud had just turned six. Some attributed her death to lack of medical care owing to her destitute status. What was Bud, Not Buddy about? Bud, Not Buddy was a novel by …

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